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Understanding and prevention of LED light optical radiation hazards

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Understanding and prevention of LED light source of optical radiation hazards: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 03 views: high quality LED lights, lamp bead welding is separated from power supply circuit. Because leds in use process, power supply will produce a lot of heat, and high quality LED lamp holder is usually an aluminum material, can effectively spread the heat generated by the power supply, so as to protect the power supply. Inferior LED lights in order to reduce costs, generally is the lamp bead and power supply welding on a piece of circuit board, and effective cooling parts is not installed. So in the process of use for a long time, power supply overheating easy damage of the lamp bead and power, reduce the service life; When serious, also can cause personal injury. LED blue light damage if you have any tips to cope with life in the enterprise, the industry can emit blue light source has a lot of, in addition to the LED bulb lamp, LED lamp, flat-panel displays, LED neon, fluorescent, LCD monitor, tablet, phone, etc are the background light source, through the powerful words contained in the excitation light source anomaly of high-energy shortwave blu-ray. As some in coping with display manufacturers, was the first to raise the flag of the eye, and developed many eye function display. Represented by benq products, adopt the way of the software filter blue light. This product after the open eye function, the picture will be yellow, blue is indeed has certain inhibition, but at the expense of color accuracy, if is dealing with text, led commercial lighting this picture is not too big problem. But if it is for colour has the requirements of the users, such as the late design, video editing, image processing and other professional practitioners, is can't use this eye function. Light or blue light damage quantity for calculating the spectrum of lamps and lanterns is one of the important parameters, the spectrum is the essence of the light, through the spectrum, quantitative description of human and animal light perception, such as illumination, color, blue light damage, etc. Therefore, accurately measuring the spectrum is indispensable. OST - such as the distance 300 optical radiation safety measurement system can automatically search and radiation, and then automatically measuring various lights and light radiation location system ( LED products, uv lamp, lighting light source and lamps and lanterns, etc. ) Light biohazard value, and for safety classification, SPIC - 200 handheld spectrum color light meter can also on the relative spectral power distribution P ( λ) , intensity of illumination, correlated color temperature ( 有条件现金转移支付) Equivalent parameters such as illumination, radiation power, IES a key measure. Compared with the traditional light source, leds are easier to implement intelligent control. Compared with a decade ago has relatively perfect blue light damage detection system, how to adjust the light source in the proportion of all kinds of light, including blue, in order to realize the healthy, scientific illumination, become the problem that the industry at present. How's the progress of led products subject and application, commercial lighting and interior lighting is related to everyone's vital interests, let's wait and see. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: LED lighting municipal lighting LED commercial lighting lamps and lanterns city lighting engineering
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