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Use the hotel to wash the wall lamp should pay attention to the performance parameters

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Hotel to wash the wall lamp is in the process of comprehensively using, basically also shall conform to the relevant performance parameters, because only in this way can make the wash wall lamp play due effect, but from the point of the current situation, in such a kind of wash wall lamp, during the period of comprehensive application of whether to conform to what kind of effect. For now the wash wall lamp with energy-saving or is one of the characteristics of photosynthetic efficiency is relatively high, so in this case the color is particularly rich, life is also very long, so it can be widely used in city of quantitative engineering, currently in the process of comprehensive use, must have enough performance parameters, such a device in a comprehensive use of in the meantime, whether to how to the reference performance parameters, which is a lot of people want to know one thing. 1> To wash the wall lamp are used to conduct a comprehensive process in the hotel, you'd better to have a look at the entire device voltage, in general the entire device voltage can be divided into dc voltage or is combined with the actual situation to ac voltage, if is a built-in power supply, all of the outside world is 220 v voltage outdoor external, generally are low, generally at about 24 v, can according to different needs and different manufacturers products for various USES. 2> Hotel to wash the wall lamp is in the process of comprehensive application, suggest you'd better to consider the power of the entire product, because the size of the power of this product will directly determine the original projection distance, the power will be different in general here, there are 18 watts, 24 w and 36 w, if it is a high power wash wall lamp, so basically they will also bring a variety of different use effect. 3> Hotel to wash the wall lamp working temperature basically must consider in the outdoor temperature is between minus 40 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius, only in this way can work normally, most of the wash wall lamp itself will share a radiator, and the cooling effect of this product is relatively good. 4> Hotel to wash the wall lamp itself also will consider protection grade a is the most important parameters, which influence in the middle of the intangible, at present the whole quality of guardrail tube, usually outdoor use, waterproofing of general requirements of all above 65, but also related to the pressure, has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance and flame resistant, impact resistance to aging performance, if you want to wash with water, there is no any damage. 5> Hotel to wash the wall lamp control mode also will be different, there are internal or external control and internal control do not need external connector, designers can design in all the design of the control system of the whole inside the wash wall lamp.
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