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Wash the wall lamp led manufacturer: choose led standard is what?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Wash wall lamp led manufacturers in the led the process of choice, most people probably the most concern is about the selection criteria, but from the point of the current situation, when we want to select the manufacturers, set to each different situation to do more analysis and understanding, in fact, such a product itself is because their shape is elongated, therefore, is mainly used for building decoration lighting, also used to draw the outline of the outline of a large building, so that their technical parameters are broadly similar, relatively so we are in the process of comprehensive selection, should how to choose, wash wall lamp led manufacturers in this area have more selection criteria. Parameters led wash wall lamp manufacturers recommend in the process of selecting the leds is better to focus on the parameter of the led, lightly because now about the device parameters will be different, we can have a look at the entire device parameters, such as some of the selected parameters, in general they light Angle is relatively narrow, usually around 20 degrees, some manufacturer chooses this led the luminous intensity of equipment in general width at 50 degrees may be 120 degrees or so, for now these are the different parameters, so that every one in the process of selection, can according to their actual needs to choose the most suitable for our shining parameter's products. Control form wash wall lamp led manufacturers in the process of comprehensive selection, recommend the best can also look at the entire wash wall lamp control form, now use more wash wall lamp, select all the basically is a watt high-power led, in general they have high photosynthetic efficiency, the main function is to conduct a comprehensive secondary distribution, in this case we are in the process of selection, there may be some single arrangement, also some manufacturer in choosing these tube, install all of them are small radiator, their light Angle also will be different, generally speaking, it will show the different forms of power. Applications in led wash wall lamp manufacturers to conduct a comprehensive application process, here can have a variety of applications, but from the point of the current situation, small engineering applications may not have a controller of use, can effectively achieve the gradient jump, or random flashing dynamic effect, but also through a variety of different ways to pursue with the effect of scanning, for now there are many different places, whether it's individual buildings or historical building or exterior lighting, all can use.
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