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What are the advantages and use to wash the wall lamp?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Wash the wall lamp is simple it is to make the light like water washed metope, is mainly used for building decoration lighting, such a device is able to draw the outline of the building decoration of large surface, and from the point of view of the existing wash wall lamp, they have the characteristics of energy saving, the relatively high light efficiency, color is also very rich, very long service life, therefore, in the 21st century when such a device is widely admired, slowly he will gradually replace some of the other lights, wash wall lamp in the actual use of what are the benefits? 【 1 】 Size power wash wall lamp power directly determines the size of the projection distance, because itself is such a lamp power itself is not fixed, so put into use in actual, according to the demand of flexible change for various use, wash wall lamp is more than effect of single row is called LED project-light lamp, in the actual use of time will have more effect. 【 2 】 Voltage current wash wall lamp can be divided into dc and ac voltage, two types of general built-in more external voltage external general also has a low voltage, according to the different requirements of different manufacturers, voltage nature would have been different. 【 3 】 IP protection grade has such a parameter has become a very important parameter to wash the wall lamp, also is one of the most important influence the later quality indicators, waterproof level in more than 65 is usually the best, also requires a related stress and fracture resistance performance, can play a better impact resistance and resistance to high and low temperature performance. 【 4 】 The color of the color classification to wash the wall lamp can be classified according to the actual situation effectively, some is full of color, some are all monochrome, still have a plenty of colorful color. 【 5 】 Color temperature washing wall lamp color temperature can have a variety of changes, basically can undertake choosing according to the final situation. 【 6 】 Light Angle to wash the wall lamp light Angle usually there will be three, the high power wash wall lamp basically the best projection Angle in 5 to 10 metres. 【 7 】 Working temperature to wash the wall lamp is usually in the outdoor is more, this parameter is also more important, for the working temperature requirement is very high also, normally for outdoor temperature at minus 40 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius can work. 【 8 】 Control method for washing wall lamp has two kinds of control mode, or internal control, or external, internal control, without external connector to control, degree of effect can't change, external control effect basically can control master keys.
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