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What are the advantages led project-light lamp

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Due to the colorful wall lamp, lamps and lanterns with scale plate to adjust the lighting Angle, if only water surface of the light, can repair, just need to remove the project-light lamp and its clean and dry, if the water is in the back of the backpack, lamps and lanterns of professional maintenance is required, because the power plant can damage inside the package, the glass panel led project-light lamp production has become a trend, new correct adhesive is selected, the waterproof effect is better than other products. The cost of the glass and silicone ring is different, the process is simple, and adhesive glass process can be compared to the traditional method of using organic silicon ring economy, the world has been very mature automatic dispensing machine can use the glass glue, zhongshan gaddis has this type of automatic dispensing machine automation, machine can see the machine running, now the new led project-light lamp, which include at least two mounting components with different installation Angle, installation components are arranged in the reflector shell, the Angle of the installation install components on the surface and the Angle between the vertical direction. The installation components include the central region and in the central area, its symmetrically arranged on both sides of the flat area, central area is 0 0. 1 the curvature and the curvature of the flat area of 0 - 0. 08, now the new is new kind of new type led project-light lamp can overcome existing reflector can be applied to different types of lamp installation and the installation of a certain Angle of defects, and has the advantages of wide applicability, simple installation. In the production of new types of led project-light lamp, which include at least the light source and the corresponding set lens, different evenly on the surface before the launch of the light from the light source and lens, surface conditioning on the back and side to get the total reflection of light from the light source, through the adoption of led project-light lamp by now the new is good, uniform brightness and the effect of the upper reflector, and also collect light with the light of wide Angle and improve the utilization efficiency of light. Now new led project-light lamp, which include the lamp body, its supporting the body of the lamp and the adjustable part of the regulation of the Angle of the light emitting Angle 360 part of the lamp body, it can point to any direction of the lighting, and a high degree of flexibility, including the body of the lamp by stamping aluminum lamp shade, the structure of the led light source, the led project-light lamp production, the transmission of light cover covers the base ring optical and stamping aluminum lamp, lamp shell surface is illuminated and the anode oxidation treatment. The thermal conductivity of the material is good, shell, good heat dissipation effect is very big, the end product has bright colors, wear and corrosion resistance, and good appearance, the inner surface of the base are arranged for sloping curved inward tilt surface, so as to improve the efficiency of the use of light, it has high luminous efficiency and good lighting effect, and in a transparent cover and optical ring ring sealing, and sealing ring circular function tight seal between a new and good waterproof seal.
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