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What are the classification and application of LED project-light lamp?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
LED cast light on the process of actual use, there will be a variety of different classification and application, now such a device would basically presents the distribution and use of symmetry, and LED project-light lamp itself also can do the shape of the rotational symmetry or two symmetry plane symmetry, but LED project-light lamp can be divided into a number of different species, in the process of practical application also can have a variety of different application areas. Rotational symmetry LED project-light lamp, this type of rotational symmetry basically adopts the transmitter is rotational symmetry, this case will be along the axis of the reflex zone, and the related to effective distribution in rotational symmetry, and sheds light on the rotational symmetry of the whole light source will happen, after all, there is an axis of symmetry, the LED project-light lamp, moderate intensity is in itself a source of copper, for use in similar project-light lamp, basic photogenic for a single product, in the process of lighting will certainly get higher lighting effect, and their uneven illumination will be uniform, now when a variety of lamp illumination can overlay each other, these spots will be reflected, build a satisfactory lighting effect. At the same time, we can see, there are many places are now select a few hundred project-light lamp lighting together, so this kind of circumstance usually in the gymnasium lighting installation effectively, and can be installed in them some around a tall tower, achieve high degree of uniformity. Two symmetry plane shape LED project-light lamp in the actual use process, there will be more symmetrical plane shape, the symmetrical plane shapes will have different intensity, there are many curve symmetry plane, most LED project-light lamp use when all of them are cylindrical reflector, and the linear light source also can be installed along the cylindrical axis to effectively. Asymmetric shape of the asymmetric LED project-light lamp basically there will be a variety of different intensity curve, and they themselves did not a symmetry plane, is mainly used in the distribution of different intensity, there are different types of light source and the classification of hybrid lamps and lanterns, can carry on the effective classification according to use the site, can according to different degree of project-light lamp design to conduct a comprehensive classification, this is a kind of special light. LED project-light lamp for now is mainly suitable for individual buildings or historical building exterior wall lighting on a lot of building external wall, in the process of lighting will also choose this kind of products used to do, for now, the green landscape lighting and medical culture in special occasions such as selection of lighting are basically LED project-light lamp.
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