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What are the considerations LED underwater lamp, the installation?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
A lot of people think is installed on the bottom of the LED underwater light is very beautiful, but has a deep pool of people will be curious how underwater lamp installed? Actually the installation of underwater light if in situations where there is water for installation or some matters need attention, photoelectric is to teach the people below. 1. Don't electricity installation we all know that water is a certain electrical conductivity, so you must be aware of when installing the LED underwater light don't electricity, install the master must be strictly in accordance with the instructions of the installation steps, step by step the above, after all the lamps and lanterns is installed, install the teacher to leave the water to electricity to check the lamps and lanterns lighting conditions. 2. Before installation should check before installing the LED underwater light of lamps and lanterns must carefully check whether the parts of lamps and lanterns is complete, so can the installation will ensure all parts are set up, to ensure the correctness of the security. If say to install, the lack of spare parts if you need to install lamps and lanterns is removed again, so very trouble. In addition, before installation must locate and ready for installation of lamps and lanterns. 3. Use waterproof power LED underwater lamp is to be placed in the bottom, so must be ready before installing the lamps and lanterns waterproof power supply cord, can be IP67 or IP68 connection device, use it to connect to external power distribution box to the power of the lamp body position. Everyone is important to note that the waterproof power supply cord must be passed VDE certification. The above is the installation considerations LED underwater lamp, install the craftsman is important to note that when installing don't blindly installation, give yourself some trouble or danger. Cities sink to say the surroundings is the main part, designs city-lighting and lighting lamps and lanterns should use good must be, because only good lamps and lanterns can bring more permanent lighting effect, whether in the city square, park, or leisure places, etc can be equipped with a beautiful underwater light in order to improve the effect of beautiful landscape. More LED information in: LED underwater light.
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