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What are the features led point light?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Led point light source is a kind of brand-new chandeliers, and in all of the new type of light source, or is the entire process of light lighting can be used as a effective supplement, through this pixel color mixture can achieve the result that we want to, but from the point of the current situation, a variety of different color mixture can get a bit to surface effect, and such an effect can bring us more security, in fact, when we are in the choice of led point light source, may everyone's attention is such a point light source, exactly what some of the features, which is a lot of people want to know one thing. 1> Led point light itself volume is relatively small, but they can be compared with the traditional light source, volume, weight is relatively light, but also can make different shapes of parts and components, convenient different lamps and lanterns or equipment arrangement, relatively strong adaptability, scope of application is also very extensive. 2> Led point light source environmental protection performance is relatively better, and because the light source in the process of production itself, don't need to add some metal, so that after such a thing is rejected, will not cause the pollution of some metal material, in addition, they basically can all waste recycling, not only can effectively save resources, can also play a role in protecting the environment. 3> Led point light source to be able to use the low voltage direct current (dc) way to drive, usually between 6 v and 24 v power supply voltage, so their safety performance is relatively good, relatively is especially suitable for to use in some public places, in the external environment is relatively good, basically such a light source is relatively small compared with the traditional light source the light failure performance, service life is long, even frequent switch will not affect their function. 4> The basic structure of the led point light itself by electric qualitative light-emitting semiconductor materials, namely because they themselves should have a lead on the shelf, so up to 4 weeks in the use of the process of many sided, on the structure itself is not related to the glass shell, do not need to like incandescent lamp or other light, on the whole lamp smoke into such words, also don't need in filling the specific gas, so the light source, earthquake or the relatively good shock resistance, to production, transportation or other conveniences brought about a series of each link. 5> Led point light source directivity is relatively strong, we are in the process of extensive use, can put more the light immediate illuminate is on being on the surface of the object, utilization rate is relatively high.
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