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What are the led lighting lighting features

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Led lighting lighting source: what are the characteristics of the zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 04 views: 1, the led lighting lighting hard, could crimp like a walkie-talkie. 2, led lighting lighting can cut and delay. 3, led lighting lighting electric light bulb is completely coated with pathways are flexible plastic, insulation, good waterproof function, use the insurance. 4, led lighting lighting weather resistance is strong. 5, led lighting lighting not easy break, use the full length. 6, led lighting lighting is easy to manufacture modelling such as graphics and text; At present has been broad used is building, Bridges, approaches, garden, courtyard, strata, fruitless flower board, furniture, bus, lakes and underwater, posters, plaster and illuminate FenPai, logo, etc. Zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , founded in 2006. Is located in the zhangjiang hi-tech park in pudong new area of zhongshan at home and abroad, the environment elegant, convenient transportation. Has the world the numerical control processing equipment, cutting, folding, cutting, milling and complete, factory area of 4000 m2, is a professional in the LED lighting project, LED display engineering, road landscape lighting engineering, building flood lighting engineering, indoor-outdoor large advertising, logos, steel structure engineering and photoelectric related products design, production, installation and follow-up service is a body comprehensive enterprise. The company has' city and road lighting specialized contracting 3 qualification, neon (China Including LED) Lighting enterprise one class aptitude, and through ISO9001 - 2008 quality system certification. Company is China lighting association and the China advertising association group member unit. Our company has 76 members, including 1 engineer 5, intermediate engineers, project managers of more than 3 people and systems engineers and other professional staff of technical support team and project management team. Over the years the company uphold the 'innovation, quality business philosophy and excellent after-sales service system, quality excellence, dedication to the urban landscaping construction. With strong technical strength and project management, undertake large projects such as the one ( Shaoxing wanda commercial plaza) Conquer one technical challenges, such as ( Shanxi luliang city three renovation project) In the industry won a good reputation. Company spirit of 'keep up the good work, forge ahead' spirit of enterprise, relying on the abundant human resources, abundant construction experience and technical strength and perfect after-sale service system, to provide users with integration of engineering solutions. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: lighting lighting commercial lighting led lighting lighting hotel lighting residential lighting
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