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What are the LED wash wall lamp?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Now in many places will use LED wash wall lamp, such as in some tall buildings are used to the lamps and lanterns, so a lot of project after the completion of a construction will be a large number of purchasing the wash wall lamp, but at the time of purchase, you must first understand its parameters, only in this way can you know what kind of specifications of the wash wall lamp is suitable for you, in this article, will give you a detailed introduction of this kind of the parameters of the wash wall lamp, if you are interested to know and see it together! First, wash the wall lamp power for LED wash wall lamp, different washing wall lamp power is not the same, and that is one of its main parameters, for this kind of wash wall lamp, its size will directly affect the power light distance, for now, most of the wash wall lamp according to the power can be divided into four different types, generally for 18 to 24 watts, 36, 48, the greater the power, the higher its power consumption will naturally, but compared to the ordinary lamps and lanterns, the wash wall lamp power is still relatively small, so now in the field of widely used! Second, voltage studied high school physics should know, for all kinds of electrical appliances, its power is calculated by voltage and current, so for this LED wash wall lamp, it's not only the important parameters including power, including voltage, and for different wash wall lamp, applicable circuit voltage is not the same, and to also can be divided into dc and ac voltage of two different types. Third, it is also LED wash wall light IP protection grade, a very important parameter, a lot of people may not know about this important parameter, it is refers to the level of dustproof, dustproof level comes higher prove he can effectively prevent dust into the wash wall lamp, and also can achieve certain waterproof effect, so for some requirements higher wash wall lamp, his IP protection grade tend to be higher! Fourth, color classification in the heart of a lot of people will feel the LED light source the light is white, but the reality is not so, for the LED wash wall lamp, although is the LED light source, but also can send out a different light, such as some wash wall lamp can emit one color light, and some wash wall lamp can send out a colorful or full color lights! Above these are the important parameters, LED wash wall lamp, of course, in addition to these, also includes other important aspects, such as wash wall lamp color temperature and light Angle, at the time of purchase these wash wall lamp, it must consider these parameters, see yourself whether you need to which a type of wash wall lamp, only such, can really get the most suitable to wash the wall lamp!
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