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What are the skills of LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of choose and buy?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns is actually in the real life, for many people is the most characteristic of a lighting lamps and lanterns, is mainly used in street lighting or residential lighting, there are a lot of the hotel's facade lighting, also can use this product, but because the product itself has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, so there is going to be a relatively gorgeous lighting effects, for use in the actual process of relatively low power consumption, and relatively long service life, is also because there are so many features, to make them stand out in the middle of the similar products, the existing LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when, how to choose and buy, it is a lot of people want to know one thing. First, the protection grade, if want to choose the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, so be sure to have a look at their protection grade, this is one of the most important reference standard, in the actual to choose for their protection grade will have more strict requirements, usually the wash wall lamp for use in the outdoor, require their protection grades are all above IP65, it is the best protection grade, and products require them to have a certain pressure and the impact resistance of the protective requirements, in this way can ensure that all the lamps and lanterns of in the face of the sun when the wind will not influenced by other dust, and have a certain ability of dust. Second, the control mode of LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns in the actual process of choose and buy, also must understand the control mode, can be divided into two kinds of internal control and external control mode, if is the internal control mode, which is not the external controller, design personnel can wash all the design of the control system is based on wall lamp, the degree of effect cannot be changed, and the external controller is connected to the external controller, basically can effect by adjusting the master keys to change, usually in many large engineering will choose outside a connection way, customers can also according to the requirements of some control methods for choice, only in this way they can better to understand related control system. Third, LED light source in the choice of LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, basically in order to ensure that they can achieve their desired effect, on the choice of light source, certainly must pay attention to the different place, adopt the design basically also is different, and the effect of heat dissipation is different also, build the final light effect will be different, in order to save costs, you can choose some low price or low light lamp bead who sucks, so this kind of circumstance must pay attention to identify.
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