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What are the style LED lamp line design?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-07
LED lamp line in the actual design process, will have a variety of different design style, but from now, more and more friends hand in hand with the design will have lots of different styles, so what kind of line is the design of the lamp will be more attractive to us, this is a lot of people want to know. Style: European style corridor line design, such as the LED lamp line style basically is manifested in the corridor, also has the classic European style, plus some crystal on the metope of design, basically can bring different design feature, however, the lamps and lanterns of ivory metope and pale yellow and the collocation of the ground can coordinate with each other, and top surface is basically adopts the complex ou condole top technology, in order not to let these complex process is too complex, so the condole top of grooves in the surrounding area should choose line lamp, white line around the lamp, look environment more bright, also can reduce some complex condole brings us a heavy feeling, elegant white light source can make whole bedroom environment more comfortable and warm, also can reflect a kind of atmosphere and luxury. Style 2: European contracted corridor line design contracted LED lamp line in the process of design are also basically let corridor area light more enough, using linear lamps and other lamps and lanterns, installed in the form of line light color choose, must choose warm, and a warm yellow color, in order to increase the indoor warmth, basically line light also in the process of installation are where the lifting point to solve the problem of more groove, the installation will not affect the final indoor light design, but also have certain adornment effect on indoor environment, lines in LED lights for the actual design process, will have the characteristics of green environmental protection, and comfort will bring us different feelings. Style three: modern style corridor line lamp design LED lamp line in the process of design will be able to meet in the design of a variety of places, especially in some elegant or is the place of the atmosphere, often can see line lamp, these lines lamps in the design at the same time, the effect is also very obvious, can match with a ceiling for design, because the line light throughout the design process of could not exposed to the outside, and if there is not enough protection, show outside, be sure to bring a good decorative effect, overall, the influence of the aesthetic feeling is not particularly strong, so in the choice of time can have a look at the light source, also want to have a look at the length of the aisle, or in which to ensure the safety of the people's travel.
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