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What factors affect the price of the LED project-light lamp?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
In recent years, due to the LED project-light lamp has a very good life, and the application range is very wide, especially its calorific value is lower, also has the very good energy saving effect. As a result, many companies are also LED project-light lamp of choose and buy. But as the brand is now LED project-light lamp is very much, so what factors affect the price of the LED project-light lamp? Here the author is to simple introduce to you. 1. Brand first, affect the price of the LED project-light lamp is a very important factor, then the brand is different, because different manufacturers products is different, especially the production process is very different, so the price is also a big different. It can be said that a good brand for the product quality requirement is very strict. Relatively speaking, the larger the some of the brand, the price of the product is relatively speaking, also will be some. 2. Chip second, affect the LED project-light lamp price is another factor, it is different of its chips. Different chip to the improvement of photosynthetic efficiency is has a great influence, chip, the better, the price of the product is relatively is also higher. In the choose and buy, also according to own actual situation, to make better choices. 3. LED project-light lamp structure in addition, due to the different structure, the proportion of LED project-light lamp is also there is a big difference, and the cooling effect is also different. So if project-light lamp has a very good innovation design, especially structure design more reasonable, so the price relatively is also relatively higher. , for example, in order to can better ensure the LED project-light lamp, use safety, also is to have a look at how the regulation of the temperature, if the temperature is particularly high, also will affect the service life of the project-light lamp. 4. After-sales service in addition, the LED project-light lamp as in use process, hard to avoid problems is one way or the other, so if the factory can provide good after-sales service, timely repair and maintenance of the equipment, better to extend the service life of the LED project-light lamp, its offer relatively, also will be a few taller. In general, in order to can better measured LED project-light lamp price, so in the choose and buy, and also need to pay special attention to, it is to have a look at the actual needs of users, such as need the number of how many, if the number of choose and buy more, then the manufacturer will also give users a great discount. As a result, its interface is also will be cheaper. Therefore, in the measure of the price, but also should pay attention to several aspects.
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