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What is a good sign to wash the wall lamp?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
Wash the wall lamp is simple for this product also is to let the light like water washed metope of an illumination lamps and lanterns, in fact, mainly on construction engineering application is very broad, such a product in the process of actual use can lead to better beautification effect, such as some commercial building or hotel club will use this product, when we were in the night on the bridge pier can also see the existence of this product in the process of practice, probably most people would consider wash wall lamp with what brand is good, after all, wash wall lamp in the process of selection of different brands will have a variety of different choice of way, will bring us different effect. Power if you want to know what brand wash wall lamp, so everyone must be combined with the actual situation to see once we are able to meet the power, the most simple example, take the bridge to do a simple introduction, many Bridges in use to wash the wall lamp, not necessarily to be able to meet the needs of the power of the power, so this kind of circumstance in the process of buying must meet the requirements of the power of small power, so we have to negotiate with manufacturers on the process of, must have a look at them any products suitable for our little power. What is a good sign light Angle to wash the wall lamp? Light Angle is also very important, not the same light Angle will bring us different effect, in fact the light Angle can also be according to the needs of every person to conduct a comprehensive, customized, because now the wash wall lamp projection distance are basically between m to 10 m, there is one part of a larger power, so some of their light Angle also will be a little higher, so the most effective project scope or between 5 meters to 20 meters, the moment they these light Angle must be combined with a need to choose. Emitting light colors to choose a most suitable for their own brand wash wall lamp, luminous color is also very important, the color of the light is basically the customer to choose in the first place will demand, there are some customers will wash the wall lamp is used in different scenarios, so that to wash the color of the wall lamp is required, some requirements are transparent color, some requirements are color, and the requirements of the color of the other, so according to the needs of every customer give to production. After-sale service if you want to know what brand wash wall lamp, then recommends the process of the choice, it is better to look at the manufacturer's after sales service, because it is impossible for any one product to make sure never to fail, so in this case, the role of after-sales service also will be able to stand out.
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