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What is led project-light lamp production specifications?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Led project-light lamp production in real life, basically be the focus of attention of more people in fact most of the companies in the production process of choice is the first-class automated production equipment, however, in which can also gather more higher outstanding management talent can even more company management system strictly enforced, but in view of the existing condition, in the process of led project-light lamp production must ensure the effective control of each process, always adhere to the integrity and quality as our first related principles in to undertake a variety of different products, the process of lighting will have a series of projects. 1) Led project-light lamp production process, all of the project-light lamp must ensure that all of them are powerful, and relatively high brightness, the luminosity of the attenuation degree is also very small, there is a very good color rendering and mixed color effect, internal use all of them are some standard switch, power supply also has permanently flow of power in the process of the whole led project-light lamp use effective protection of the original cast light of normal life. 2) In led project-light lamp production process, make sure all the lights are all light and beautiful, and also having diversity in all aspects of controlling the control characteristics, and adopt some general international control protocol, fully compatible with all international custom changes, it is more convenient to control the lights in the process of control, in the actual installation is very simple. 3) Now some existing led project-light lamp production basically there is more integration of the radiator and lamp holder design, there are more high pressure molding, now is also very compact structure, and there are some special processing can maximum Angle adjustment, all the cast light Angle and even on the shape of it is also very beautiful, have a certain impact resistance and vibration performance, no uv, no infrared radiation, under the low voltage is absolutely safe and reliable, has a high efficiency excellent cooling performance, can be fully safeguard, each cooling requirements and service life. 4) In led project-light lamp production process, to use imported silicone to seal, and should adopt the hermetic sealing technology, let whole body to a different degree of protection. 5) Led project-light lamp production basically has a more suitable scope, at the same time try to landscape lighting will also prepare related lighting engineering, stage or advertising will work with better lighting, especially applied in some green or three-dimensional surface lighting, landscape architecture can play a better role of affordable, and at the same time of the actual production will be able to bring a better result.
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