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What is the difference between led line light and wash wall lamp

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
As long as it is for lighting products to understand now, you will find the current lighting, no longer just for lighting, instead can brighten siege, has good application, including led lamp line, but also has good application, and the lighting and wash wall lamp, there are a lot of similarities, there are some differences, so what is the difference between the two will do. Now many people for the led line is the difference between light and wash wall light is not very understanding, actually in attention, will find that these two lights will still exist different difference, can be learned. The first point: look different. In understanding the two products can be found in appearance or have certain difference, like led wash wall lamp, most of them are with lens, that is to say, can have the bracket, can freely adjust the plug, in line with the current needs, people are using on the size, wash wall lamp in size is larger, line lamp size is not big, the application effect is good, most of them are belong to the line of square. The second point: the application effect. Now these two products still has certain difference on the application effect, wash wall lamp is light like water, can be washed metope, such effect, like the lights to play on the wall directly, the effect is more downy, line is light, is mainly aimed at building complete on the contour outline, or is directly used to make the effect of a digital screen, of course can also be installed directly in the corner, so at the time of application, will be more flexible. The third point: product features. Another point, it is these two products in itself still has certain difference on the product characteristics, including line lamp, itself of high brightness, and more durable, both on the use of power, of course, is a difference, to wash the wall lamp is mostly belongs to a kind of high power products, line lamp is belong to low power products, mainly because the wash wall lamp, still depends on the height of irradiation, so still have certain distance between with metope, the line is light, is mainly used to do some outline, so on power is small, when using, can perfect to draw the outline of the building outline, can bring good adornment effect. So lines for the led lamp and wash wall lamp to understand, will find that this two product, has its own characteristics, and in different places, has been applied, so at the time of use, still need to pay attention to according to the characteristics of the products, as well as the power, and effects of the corresponding classification, which can find the suitable products, to fulfill the requirements of specific lighting decoration, play the role of the lamp.
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