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What is the LED project-light lamp? This paper analyses the feature of the product

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
Outdoor use products have a lot of the lamps and lanterns, LED project-light lamp has become a very important category, in the grasp of this product, the product of the main characteristic is can complete any Angle of illumination, so in terms of application range is very wide. In the category of the master of product, the product according to the difference of the chip can be divided into single power combination type of chip and high-power chips, two products in the use of the effects of different, but from the point of overall characteristics, expressed in two products in the use of the characteristics of the situation is very ideal, can be better to consider from multiple aspects. One, it is convenient to maintenance from the perspective of the production technology of outdoor lamps and lanterns, a lot of outdoor lamps production technology is very high, the probability of failure in use process is very low. But failure in use is also very normal, but from the point of this kind of product of lamps and lanterns, in the aspect of structure adopted modular pluggable such processing technology, it is precisely because of this technology, so the product is in use in the process of maintenance becomes very easy, maintenance of saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Two, the cooling performance is ideal when the master LED project-light lamp usage can know, this kind of product in the actual use of a heat dissipation performance is very outstanding in the course of existence. Adopted two kinds of technology combined with cooling function, cellular heat dissipation and all aspects of the heat dissipation has become a very important part of, so didn't have to worry about the product in use will be overheated this aspect of the problem, in use process can be a very good job, in terms of working effect can be very ideal. Three, protective effect is very good to make the product in use to keep a very ideal effect, in the process of this kind of product use, product protection effect has become a necessary part of the form. In the protection of the product, the product the overall protective effect of has become a very good one, in the aspect of waterproof level should keep a waterproof effect very good, so in the use of the excellent effect should analyze from various angles, so the use of the situation is very good. So in LED project-light lamp products can better understand, hope every friend can from various angles to analyze the related knowledge. And in the process of understanding of the actual product, hope every friend to consider from multiple aspects. And products in the production of time series method, taking is free took full power in terms of power such a solution, so the product can remain very idealized in the concrete use of the result of a use of all aspects of the use case is also very prominent.
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