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What is the working principle of led lamp line

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Now a new led line light, including light body components and component, the lamp body components including shell, installed in the shell at the ends of the cover, inside the shell, with both ends and ends respectively, luminous groove through the shell wall, and the protection of the luminous groove structure, including light-emitting groove block structure, including on the luminous groove and the lower lateral deflector, reduces the maintenance work intensity led lamp line, improve the service life of led lamp line. Now a new led line light, including controller and the lamp shell, lamp shell at the end of the connection structure and double lamps and lanterns, which include are connected, and set up two vertical symmetrical insert part, and the other part of the external extending vertically inserted into the lamp shell, and is used to vertically inserted into the adjacent led lamp line connection structure, connection structure at both ends, both sides of the vertical piece of insert combination is used in the joint of two led headlamp unit line is simple and convenient, and connect it compact structure. Used for heat dissipation part of the heat lamp, and many shades open end evenly distributed on the strip lamp, each of the top of the screen has a lens, slot installed in the slot, symmetry flat transparent protection board, install one end of the side panel, now the new beautiful and stable structure, good heat dissipation effect, projection light effect is good, not only can be used as a led lamp line, can also be used as a line lamp, now a new led line light, including light lamp body fixed connection on the side panel, side panel lamp body bottom connection of lamp body. Pressure by the chimney, the body of the lamp fluorescent window set in the middle of the surface before and after surface, and the radiator fixed connected to the lamp body in the middle, at the top of the lamp body rotation and the upper axisymmetric Settings, the axis of rotation of the upper mounting plate with fixed together, now the new reasonable design easy to use, now has a new radiator, radiator and joint between thermal conductive plate coated with other heat dissipation of fat, so as to improve the heat dissipation, improve the service life. Aluminum alloy lamp body improve the heat dissipation and improve the overall strength of the light body at the same time, through the new fluorescence and fluorescence layer window, fluorescent layer of fluorescent effect and color temperature, make the light more soft and more real, now the new simple structure, lower cost, now the line of light technology, a new type of led lamp line, including internal fixed slot uniform set with multiple lamp bead, fixed at the ends of the tank wall is equipped with fixed with jack, fixed slot wall at the bottom of the cover. Nearby with impermeable stripe, on the lower part of the cover and insert the slabs according to Settings, roof including fixed frame, a fixed frame inside a glass plate, a fixed frame inside a wind tunnel, and that the wind channel across the surface of the fixed frame, the upper part of and a number of inlet channel is connected to the side, near the glass of the air outlet, multiple drainage channels connected to the air outlet away from the side of the glass plate, now the new structure simple easy to use, and to a great extent, save the maintenance time.
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