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What kind of LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns is good

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
As long as it is at night, when you walk on the road to be able to basically see LED outdoor lighting tool, but as people living standard gradually improve, and gradually perfect all kinds of technology, more and more friends to this kind of LED outdoor lighting has its requirement, then the LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of what? This is most of my friends want to know and understand one thing. LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns basically has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, and they can only spend one thousand hours a few degrees, average 60 watts of incandescent lamp, 17 hours cost, that is, once electricity, so, if it is a common 10 watts of energy-saving lamps, they also takes one hundred hours once electricity, so to some theory, he used the power consumption are completely very much. The use of the process of the LED outdoor lighting, they completely have long life, and all the lights in the life also will be able to achieve all five hours, if is ordinary lamp, the service life of them has basically, one thousand hours, the service life of the ordinary energy-saving lamps are only eight hours, so to some degree, their way of driving is very good, don't have to in the process of the output circuit of series resistance, and on the current of each different, they also won't be affected by the changes of external power supply pressure, the environment temperature changes will not be affected, they are the influence of the parameters of the discrete performance relatively is not particularly big, in the end, will give full play to the various outstanding features, all of the power supply can be automatically detected during the work, or is related to the current control, need not worry in this burst of current is too large to process. LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of itself is a very healthy, they do not contain any ultraviolet or infrared light, but also won't produce any radiation, with the characteristics of the green environmental protection.
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