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What kind of LED wash wall lamp is a cost-effective?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-07
When buying any kind of products, a lot of people not only pay attention to the price, also not only pay attention to quality, but pay attention to cost performance, so when to buy these products will be the pursuit of cost-effective, in the process of buying LED wash wall light also can choose the high cost performance products, then what wash wall lamp is high cost performance? The following will introduce you, quick to see see! With light plate full match in buying LED wash wall lamp, if you want to choose a few high quality and high cost performance products, so when buying must have a look at the wash wall lamp power supply and light plate matching degree how, only achieve ideal match, when used to achieve the ideal effect, otherwise, when use may lead to damage of LED lights. Constant current circuit at the time of purchase LED wash wall lamp, if you want to buy high quality products, then you must choose constant current circuit of LED semiconductor, because it can directly affect the use effect, when temperature increases, the LED current will increase, if increase its voltage, this time also can increase the current, so in order not to affect the service life of the wash wall lamp, should choose the constant current LED lights. It is also a very important aspect of the rated current, if you want to find cost-effective LED wash wall lamp, then you must choose the rated current is stable, now in general are rated current 20 ma, so at the time of purchase shall be 20 ma as the important standard, this LED to more saving electricity. Rated voltage for different kinds of LED wash wall lamp, its rated voltage is not the same, but for most of the scenarios for the use of LED lights, rated voltage in 3. 0 - 3. 5 v range is most appropriate, such already can meet the requirements of use, and not to waste a lot of electricity, so can be applied to more areas, if the rated voltage is higher, in this case it is likely to waste a lot of energy, and she can play the role of also may not be able to make full use of, will cause the waste of energy and the increased cost of use. Now a lot of places you need to use the LED wash wall lamp, but at the time of buying the wash wall lamp, many people do not know how to buy cost-effective products, if you want to pursue cost-effective, then it must be in accordance with the standards of what is said above to choose, only up to the standards of wash wall lamp can be cost-effective, otherwise, the price is will not be able to meet your requirements.
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