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What kinds of LED outdoor lighting use, how to form

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Before no LED outdoor lighting, outdoor lights we usually use high pressure sodium lamp 360 degrees, so that light is not very bright outside, also easy to heat, power is big, the nature has caused the huge energy waste. While LED energy saving and efficient use, greatly saves energy city, and to reduce light pollution. The invention of the new lamp, with high efficiency, safety, energy conservation environmental protection, long service life, the advantages of fast response, the most important and high color rendering index, can according to the outdoor Spaces for the adjustment of the color temperature control. Our common LED outdoor lighting mainly has two forms, one kind is the light source, lamps and lanterns, light pole, flange and foundation embedded parts of five times, this also is in order to meet outdoor lights of aesthetic appreciation sex, can in the lighting environment of beautification adornment again at the same time, see more at road on both sides, residential areas, tourism scenic area, park, plaza and other public places lighting, buried lights. There are solar energy LED, mainly through the transformation of light to attract, can attract and stored energy during the day, when the night can be released, which greatly saves power consumption, is produced in the form of self-sufficiency. And control of these lights are also very convenient, no controller, just mobile terminal operation via the Internet, before installation debugging good all of the data. When I turn on the light, for example, when to turn off the lights, and in the different stages of the lamp color temperature should be within the scope of what, these are all need the data to set up first. This means that a city street lamp control, no longer need to set up a n number of jobs, are on the mobile end background operation. For where there are lights in the problem, also can be clear at a glance, be replaced in the first use, does not affect the night light use. No matter the LED outdoor lighting exists in the form of what we use in our everyday life, are brought great convenience to our life, to city beautification and energy saving is also made no small contribution. More LED information in: LED outdoor lighting
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