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What kinds of LED outdoor lighting?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Most friends knew before LED outdoor lighting, believe that in many cases, all want to be able to understand the various different types of, after all, the series of species will bring us a variety of functions, and of course the lamp itself is actually light or some other distribution ways to change the overall structure of the light, in addition to the light source, they can also be used for fixed, in this case, they can also protect all light source parts, also including the inside of the power cable line conditions, so apply to various aspects, they also cannot leave him in daily life, people's progress and social life have a direct relationship, so every place emerge in endlessly, sometimes these LED outdoor lighting application is very extensive. If is LED outdoor lighting, street lamp, then, in this way, they are basically used for lighting, solar street lamp, also is a kind of brand-new products, but the most striking feature of this product is that they themselves are the light of the sun as the energy storage battery as energy storage, usually in LED outdoor lighting as the main source of light, and can be charged during the day, can be used at night. Garden light is also a variety of LED outdoor lighting, they are basically the lamp and lamp installed in different lawn, used in park, or a street garden for use, in a lot of authority in the school yard, or some other place, also can make their own use. Buried lamp is also very strong and durable, and can better prevent penetration, it has good heat dissipation performance, widely used in various scenarios, can be applied to some other tourist attractions or residential area, wash wall lamp is also a kind of LED outdoor lighting, is essentially to build out the outline of some large building. Tunnel light is generated in order to solve the brightness of the vehicle suddenly changes, it can effectively let we produce a series of black hole effect.
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