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What LED wash wall lamp, have structure?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Don't know if you have focused on his office wall above LED wash wall lamp, the design of the lamps and lanterns is very simple, but to create out of illumination and wash the wall effect is very surprising. So what has this LED wash wall light which structure? 1. Shell design light simple LED wash wall lamp is a shell, shell of the lamp is to protect the internal components. Generally speaking, the lamp shell is plastic material, and the plastic material is very strong, can withstand wind and rain, years of use does not change color do not fade. Use the light material and simple structure is designed in order to reduce the bearing force, make wash wall lamp hung on the side of the building more safety. 2. Internal components small strong LED everyone should know, it is composed of many small internal components, these small components are very sturdy, as long as it is a can make power supply is connected to soft light. Want to know, the main power supply modules are installed inside the shell, the element is using socket welding method of welding, so plus fixed glue can offer additional protection for the internal components. 3. Light foot distinctive LED wash wall lamp are all have their own light, install the teacher is through the feet to install the lamp will be fixed on the wall wash wall lamp. Different wash wall lamp lights in the shape of the foot is not the same, such as rectangular light foot is hidden, and large rectangular light foot is obvious, difference. For LED wash wall lamp, lamp shell, internal components, feet separate out are very delicate and beautiful, and the three parts together like nature itself looks higher levels. If you want to buy appearance design is exquisite and sturdy wash wall lamp, photoelectric is a good choice, production more than six years to focus on the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, can promise to produce each of the quality of lamps and lanterns, provide super long warranty period. More LED information in: LED wash wall lamp.
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