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What will you pay attention to when installing the LED project-light lamp?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
Believe that a lot of people are still know about the LED light source, for life now use a lot of light, are the LED as the main light source, mainly because it has energy saving effect, at the same time also can achieve higher brightness and longer service life, now there are a lot of manufacturers are using the LED light source produced LED project-light lamp, this kind of lamps and lanterns has been widely used, so you know what? When installing the lamps and lanterns also need to pay attention to a lot of problems, all need to pay attention to what? First, the environmental temperature if you know the LED project-light lamp, you should be able to know, for this kind of lamps and lanterns, in the process of using, if the temperature is too high or low temperature, would seriously affect its performance, and they may also lead to significantly shorten its life, so in this case, it is necessary to ensure workplace environment temperature need to control it in a reasonable scope, in general, 25 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius below zero can be used, although there are certain requirements for temperature, but the range is very widely used. Second, select the appropriate power cord inside the home a lot of people use a variety of lighting lamps and lanterns, are generally choose LED light source, is also precisely because it is power saving, and the brightness is very high, but for home use inside the LED light source power is not large, so to the requirement of the power cord is not high, most of the power cord to be able to meet the needs of power, but for the LED project-light lamp, because need to cast a greater distance, so in this case the power is very large, so the power cord must be to achieve higher performance, so as to avoid because the current is too large and appear all sorts of serious consequences such as fire. Third, completes the waterproof design for this problem, many people may also didn't really understand, they might think that most of the LED project-light lamp is not waterproof, but if you think that is wrong wrong, actually such project-light lamp, have certain waterproof level commonly, after all, part of the lamps and lanterns need applies in the middle of the outdoor environment, but prior to installation, and you must carry on the reasonable waterproof design, generally require its waterproof level can reach IP65, such ability can avoid damage when it rains. Through the introduction will be able to know, for the LED project-light lamp, in the process of installation, the above is to be aware of all these problems, on the other hand at the time of installation must also ensure that its soundness is because when used outdoors, often under the sun, if being protected, so his point of view also can appear deviation.
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