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White LED is 3 points of technical problems

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
LED power supply small, lightweight, low driving voltage, full color, long life, high efficiency, resistance to vibration, easy to control features such as light, is designed for different place and purpose of the lighting system provides superior conditions. People used to see the sun, for general lighting, people need to be the main quality is close to the sun light, so the white LED is an important index of semiconductor lighting technology. Because only a single LED power small, low brightness, should not be used alone, therefore must be multiple leds together become practical LED lighting system design. But the white LED, there is still a gap with general lighting requirements, there are a lot of technology and cost problems need to solve. 1, lamps and lanterns system heat management generally often call LED cold light source, this is because the LED light-emitting principle is electronic after compound directly emit photons, without the need for a thermal process. But because of the existence of joule heat, LED in the glowing also accompanied by heat, but also for high power LED application occasions, and multiple calories add up and can not underestimate, leds, unlike incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp etc traditional lighting source, high temperature will shorten, even to end its service life. And LED is temperature sensitive device, when the temperature rises, its efficiency drops sharply, the system structure design and heat dissipation technology development also faces the LED application subject. Due to the forced air cooling in the light source is not usually desirable, so with the increase of input electric power, heat sinks and other enhancements natural convection cooling method on the LED lights and play an increasingly important role in the design of the light source. Prediction of LED lamps and lanterns technology trend of the future 2, improve hair now in general use white LED color blue LED by blue light excitation yellow light yttrium aluminum garnet ( 掺钕钇铝石榴石) Phosphor, synthesis of white light. Due to its light spectrum contains only blue and yellow both spectrum, so there are high color temperature and color rendering index on the low side of the problem, do not meet the requirements of general lighting. Sensitivity of the human eye to color difference are much higher than the sensitivity of the light intensity, for lighting, light source color rendering is often more important than the luminous efficiency. So adding suitable amount of glowing red phosphors and can maintain higher luminous efficiency is an important subject in the white light LED lighting. 3, lamps and lanterns system of secondary optical design traditional lamps and lanterns with incandescent lamp, fluorescent light source for reference for a long time to decide the optics and the shape of the standard of lamps and lanterns, so LED lamps and lanterns system should consider abandoning the traditional lamps and lanterns and LED module assembly way, give full consideration to its optical properties, for the LED light source designed different lamps and lanterns. Optical system design content mainly includes the following several aspects: according to the requirements of lighting objects, luminous flux, determines the shape of the optical system, the size of the number of leds and power; Designs several LED luminous tube combination point light, ring light source or surface light source 'secondary light source, according to the combination of the secondary light source, calculate lighting optical system; A 'secondary light source of illumination optical system design of distribution on each LED tube light distribution control is very important. Because leds emit beams focused, more easy to control, and don't need a reflector concentrator, is helpful to reduce the depth of the lamps and lanterns. Using plane mirror optical systems, for example, can only use 1 ~ 2 LED can light up a large surface, and the depth of the lamps and lanterns is very thin; And the use of optical technology, LED directly by the light tube, can reduce the size of the light source and other components to take up, made into ultrathin lamps and lanterns.
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