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Why can rapid development of LED outdoor lighting?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
LED lighting technology are leading the development of the lighting industry, on improving performance to maximize efficiency, also can continuously reduce costs for a long time, now in industrial facilities and medical centers to existing homes, outdoor lighting seems to become the main market of LED, LED outdoor lighting why in today's social environment can win more with the development of the market? A, let the LED be the ideal choice for outdoor applications in the field of outdoor lighting, compared to high pressure and gas discharge lamp LED outdoor lighting can effectively save 50% ~ 90% of the energy, the initial cost calculation, may consider to upgrade the owners of hesitation, but LED energy-saving effect is very significant, in a year to three years will be able to realize recycling, only rely on financial incentives will be able to make a change, LED another cost saving way, is to reduce the demand for the maintenance of existing, even they will forget a lot of users at home and light bulb, most of the outdoor lighting if there is no relevant LED outdoor lighting equipment are difficult to process. Flexibility, light control design in LED outdoor lighting, will have more light design, LED is a kind of internal controlled source, can effectively improve the carefully designed unit components, more accurate, for security reasons, to drive the direction on the uniformity of the distribution of light and outdoor is particularly important, no one will like the dark corner of the parking lot, so that outdoor lighting can solve this problem. Three synchronous LED outdoor lighting, LED control allow to shopping malls or other airport and so on a wide range of areas to provide a complete control solution, the lighting and lighting control system is completely separate, now LED to provide relevant platform, can install a single embedded control scheme, this scheme to effectively deal with indoor and outdoor lighting. Four, LED lighting is just the start of LED outdoor lighting is not only applied to the lighting system, more important is that it is an electronic platform, for new and more flexible solution opened the door, it relative to other relatively collection tool can provide additional value, and they have the function of the more striking, soon, such lighting can close attention to the number of vehicles parking lot or sidewalk traffic, this information can help enterprises to improve the utilization rate of assets, or is said to store retail sales and advertising opportunities to maximize, likely will be extended to other applications, like a power for the outdoor parking lot and infrastructure, the lamp will also use this advantage to monitor the surrounding environment, a more advanced security capabilities and the ability of environment monitoring, can give people locate parking lot.
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