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Why LED wash wall lamp in the market price is not the same?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
On a lot of tall buildings are able to see all kinds of lights, especially at night, the lights can foil more beautiful buildings, many of these buildings will use LED wash wall lamp, use LED lights come to life can make the whole building, but for the builders of the building, at the time of installing these lights most of them are very pay attention to the LED wash wall lamp price, market price is not the same, is this why? First, the choice of material is not the same as the market of LED wash wall lamp price is different, the main part of the reason is because at the time of producing these wash wall lamp, adopted by the raw materials have some differences, some manufacturers may use aluminum alloy shell, and some manufacturers may use other inferior shell, aluminum alloy shell, of course, costs will increase, so the price will be higher! Second, using different technology it is also an aspect of the more important, because different manufacturers in the production of LED wash wall lamp, they may be cost savings or for its own development, will use a different technique, and these techniques also need to consume a certain cost, so will cause has a difference to the cost of production of LED wash wall lamp, for these different technology to produce relatively, LED wash wall lamp price nature is not the same! Third, the consumption of artificial cost is not the same as for the LED wash wall lamp, the LED type is different, the price of different, because of various aspects costs which including labor costs on the one hand, because in the production after all kinds of LED wash wall lamp parts must be assembled, even the use of mechanized production line, also need a certain staff, mechanization and pure manual assembly cost affirmation is not the same, so the price is different! Fourth, there are differences between the sales area that is a very important price influence factors LED wash wall lamp, because for the price of l, if you are a manufacturer of LED wash wall light agglomeration in some areas to buy, then the cost would be lower, but if you are in some remote areas, such as xinjiang or Tibet region buying the wash wall lamp, the price would be higher, because transportation to local need to consume large amounts of transportation cost, and intermediate passes through many dealers! Perhaps you did not understand before LED wash wall lamp price, but when you see this article introduction, you should be able to understand, for this kind of LED wash wall lamp, its price will be affected by many factors, so in the middle of the market sale price is little different, but at the time of purchase must not covet is cheap, because a price points a points goods, still should take the quality as the best choice for standard!
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