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Why led wash wall light price difference?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
In order to meet the building external wall of beautification adornment, LED wash wall light becomes a very important one kind of product, and in the process of understanding of this kind of product, LED wash wall lamp price also become a problem concerned by people, and could learn from the aspects of market price, there exists in the aspect of price differential, so each friend should be a better analysis of multiple parts of product prices, eventually to be able to better grasp the content of the product multiple dimensions, and the effect after using aspect also is a kind of very perfect state. First, the protection grade is different due to the LED wash wall lamp is used outdoors one kind of product, so product in terms of degree of protection has become a very important part of the form. Only protection grade can accord with the requirement of outdoor use, this product is can use, and the waterproof grade, pressure, crushing, high temperature resistant, and other parts should be good grasp, eventually protection grade of different aspects of test results, the products in the market price is naturally there is a big difference. Second, the difference of the product control mode when the LED wash wall light products in the process of understanding, the product in the aspect of control mode, there is a big difference. And from the whole product in the control way of understanding can know, internal control and external control became the two different control modes, including internal control products work mode can not change, so in terms of price often is the price lower, but in all aspects of external control to change, so the LED wash wall lamp price will become higher. Third, the difference of the light source in the specific understanding of LED wash wall lamp products process, each friend can for light related aspects of the content have more control. And can learn from the light source of the product, 1 w and 3 w have become the two very important choice, different light source in terms of quantity of heat is different, prices in the market there is a big difference, I hope every buyer can better consider these problems, it also can grasp the multiple aspects of the content for the actual price is better. So in LED wash wall lamp price can better grasp the multiple aspects of the situation, from various angles to understand that many factors can affect the price of the product. In the process of knowledge of product price, of course, different manufacturers technical strength is different, the final product in the market price is also there are a lot of differences. Hope every buyer can very good grasp of these related content, so to be able for the product price of true understanding. Buy a cost-effective products, aeriform in also save a lot of purchase cost.
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