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Why the LED cast light colored so popular?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
Now in the big city, even in the evening, is also illuminated, it also mirrored the prosperity of the city, but do you know? In outdoor lighting lighting system, now more lighting systems using LED project-light lamp, but for many people, but they didn't really realize the importance of this kind of lamps and lanterns and the characteristics of good, also don't know why in outdoor lighting system will be brought to the attention of the so of, the following will tell you about his good points. First, flexible design support for various project-light lamp, in the process of using need to design a certain support, only in this way can the fixed the direction of the light, and for the LED project-light lamp, at the time of stent design, you will find that it can be based on the differences of usage, designed to adhere to the framework of the use requirements, so in this case, can according to the requirements of any adjustment in the direction of the LED project-light lamp, the most important thing is designed to be reasonable support can also help to ease of installation, and for this kind of light, its adjustable light Angle is bigger, so the application is also more flexible. Second, good heat dissipation structure Led project-light lamp and there's a big difference between ordinary project-light lamp, with a little performance in heat dissipation structure, for this kind of lamps and lanterns, because need to cast a greater distance, so the power must be to achieve a certain level, so in this case also can produce a lot of heat, if can't timely heat dissipation, also can seriously affect the service life of lamps and lanterns, for the cast light, it is according to the integrated structure design of the cooling structure, relative to the normal heat dissipation structure, effectively increased the area of three people, so I can ensure the luminous efficiency and service life. Third, waterproof design for most of the LED project-light lamp, in the process of use, just need to take into account the rain erosion problem, after all, this figure light in most cases will be used in outdoor lighting system, so the waterproof problem has also been a lot of the attention of the designer, and for this kind of project-light lamp, he through special craft processing, circuit boards, in particular, have certain waterproof effect, and in the interior of the lamps and lanterns also design a guide groove, rain so even in the rainy weather, also does not affect the use of lamps and lanterns. When you see the introduction and analysis, in front of you should be able to know why the LED project-light lamp is widely used in outdoor lighting system, of course, it also has many advantages, such as energy conservation and environmental protection characteristics, after all, in the case of the same brightness, the LED lamps and lanterns of power is more lower, so its application is very extensive.
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