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Why the LED wash wall lamp is more and more people favor?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
In many government or business sites and other need the place of night lighting, basically can think of to dress up with LED wall wash lights, LED wash wall light through all the streets are now able to see, why this kind of things relative to other similar products, more easy to every one, is mainly because the LED wash wall lamp has more advantages. Power size LED wash wall lamp power basically will decide its projection distance, generally speaking the most common LED wash wall light 18 and 24 watts of power, there are 36 and 48 watts, and have the power of the four different size, but the power is not fixed, that is to say, the power can be flexible, generally of high power LED wash wall lamp basically is of single row, then this situation will have a variety of different wiring way, we can combine the different tools to conduct a comprehensive wiring. Voltage LED wash wall lamp, basically can be divided into direct current (dc) or an alternating current, usually all of the built-in an external voltage is Japan's regional voltage, if is an external voltage, generally are low, almost is between 12 v to 27 v, in the middle there will be 24 volts, according to different requirements, and the production situation of different manufacturers for the product of choice, they can basically meet the voltage requirements of our clients. Generally LED wash wall lamp voltage has become the customer important reference standards in choosing a wash wall lamp, it will also affect the entire product quality, waterproof demand level in more than 65 is the best, so far have related to pressure resistance or resistance to fracture is the case, also may appear high and low temperature resistance or resistance and impact the level of aging. Color specifications LED wash wall lamp, color specifications can be basically divided into a number of different colors, have a plenty of single color, have a plenty of full color, some are monochrome. Each LED wash wall lamp light Angle in the process of actual choice, such a product of the light Angle can bring a variety of different types, such as if is narrow, they may be at around 20 degrees, if it is in the middle of the LED wash wall light, the light Angle in 50 degrees or so, if is relatively wide light Angle at 120 degrees, by far the high power LED wash wall lamp can bring us different light Angle, but the light Angle can reflect the different projection distance. Color temperature if it is 2200 of lighting, basically they are on the surface of amber color, if the lighting can reach 3000 degrees, so basically is warm white, if can reach 4000 degrees is incandescent lighting.
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