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Why to say the LED outdoor lighting energy saving

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
LED outdoor lights in the real life basically is distributed in different cities, in fact, as long as it is at night, most will be thinking of using such a lamp, so why do you say this is special energy saving? Relatively speaking, LED outdoor lights with a series of light-emitting efficiency, they themselves are relatively high luminous efficiency, and compared with Bai Zhi lighting, the luminous efficiency is also very good, most of the power consumption will also be losses, but the effect of the light they can create a different characteristics of the light emitting monochromatic performance is relatively good, spectrum is relatively narrow, don't need to filter, can emit light directly. LED outdoor lighting, energy consumption and power is relatively small, can be used in a dc drive way, but in the process of actual for light, their frequency is relatively high, the power consumption in general is one over ten thousand of the incandescent light bulb, and adopt the method of fluorescent lamp, basically they can instead of some other lamp, can save each year compared with 6 billion of crude oil, the same effect, basically each lamp power consumption only 18 watts. LED outdoor lighting itself are also has the characteristics of safe and reliable, and they don't have any radiation, can safely touch, different light sources can accurate control, can also be effective to control different light Angle, it does not contain any harmful substances. , even such a light source is very environmentally friendly, they are very resistant to impact, and not easily broken, waste, all can be recycled, without any pollution, so it can improve people's living environment, and they also can choose according to different kinds of light intensity, generally speaking is very accord with the actual demand of some different outdoor environments.
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