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With better LED lamps and lanterns industry

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Together do a good job in the LED lamps and lanterns industry sources: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 05 views: 37000 sets 500000 high-power LED bulbs, LED lamps, light emitting area of 50000 square meters, at the 2008 Olympics, colorful, by light changing out ten thousand kinds of expressions of water cube creates a world: so far, LED landscape lighting art buildings around the world. As a result, the high-tech lighting entered the people line of sight. Although the LED market is very big, but the market share of domestic enterprises is less than 3 billion yuan, 'which is 2% of the market' semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and industry association deputy secretary-general RuanJun held in 'the first LED general lighting products and technology seminar' on said. And how to promote the development of industry, promote domestic enterprises to participate in market competition has been the subject of the seminar. Into LED market is not easy as a new type of light source, LED lighting is not only applied to landscape lighting, tunnel lighting, television, automobile, indoor lighting and so on are applied more and more fields. 'Common TV, in the manufacture of TV panel is one of the most important components, but the back light cost is accounted for a third of the whole machine; Because the LED light source with low temperature, save electricity, life 50000 hours, no infrared, such as secondary pollution, has appropriate protection in construction, such as books in the library cultural relics; And the characteristics of the LED is easy to move light, can according to the surrounding environment changes in light intensity, color temperature adjustment. 'RuanJun said,' like tunnel, street lamps, vehicles less during the night, LED lighting can control the light source. This can also be use indoor illume, people to the lamplight illuminate, dim lights automatically after people walk. 'At present, some enterprises in Japan have done it. As you can see, the application of LED lighting field, but also easy to be accepted as a low carbon energy saving lighting. But for many fledgling domestic enterprises, may not like to see so wonderful, on the one hand, industry standards remains to be seen; On the other hand, foreign companies are intervention; In order to get a certain market share, can be obtained from patents, industry chain advantages obviously still need more time. 'Water cube are blue and green light at that time, want to use domestic chip, we also did a lot of research and experiment, but did not dare to use. In the present application market, 80% of the chip also rely on imports. 'At the seminar, deputy secretary-general RuanJun also revealed in the' twelfth five-year 'plan,' LED the standard and testing will be a key, the second 'a hard, a soft,' a '. On a hard core equipment, key equipment localization, doing a soft refers to the talent pool; On a well upstream of the intellectual property rights, it refers to the downstream lighting pilot and demonstration. 'Like philips, originally is a investment company, now in the acquisition of SK, it industry by buying some of the upstream and downstream enterprises, to get through the industrial chain, also like GREEN, turned out to be do chip companies, now it is to buy HuaGang, LF do chip companies, industry integration, also doing these large multinational companies are trying to get through industry chain, technique. 'RuanJun said, on the integration of industrial chain, for the Chinese enterprises have a lot of work to do. On the other hand, cross-industry restructuring is intensifying. 'Because the LED belongs to semiconductor photoelectric branch, but now many semiconductor giant also begin to enter the LED market, such as Taiwan in some big companies such as electricity. Many electronics makers also stepped in, like Japan, obviously, such as panasonic do before lighting, as you know, don't do before a sharp, but since last year, sharp stepped in, especially its light bulb has a lot to promote to the market. 'Said RuanJun, speed up the industrialization development, LED prices down too soon,' in Japan, is 10000 yen at first, then down to 3000 yen, now below 2000 yen, or RMB 100 yuan. 'And in South Korea, samsung is also strong to enter this industry. 'From the current situation of the development of domestic enterprises, the main is a diffuse, enterprise share is small, but more and more enterprises in this field. 'The status quo is not optimistic, but in the past few years, LED the localization still made a certain progress,' on the 60th anniversary of the founding of daqing, tiananmen square blocks of 4 screen, including 2 all the chips have localization. 'In the process, and some of the enterprise, also began to actively explore and technical cooperation between the international big companies, such as shenzhen the Ming semiconductor with osram companies such as technical cooperation; And in the western part of the traditional enterprise developing, LED has become an important direction. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. LED lighting landscape lighting LED lighting building lighting
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