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Within the indoor lighting decoration

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Within indoor decorate lighting source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 10 - 16 views: nowadays, decorate a method 'inside outfit illume' has entered the domestic adornment, because this kind of 'inside outfit illume' has many benefits. 1. Save power: sometimes in local activities or find something inside ark, can't open headlight completely, you just open the 'inside outfit illume'. Someone made calculate that can save electric energy 20% above. 2. Convenient job: because 'inside outfit illume' formed by the local lighting is distributed, independent, flexible when necessary, timely open, shut down at any time. 3. Simplify lamps and lanterns: conceal bulb, tube at furniture interior or local can visit the plant of certain form a complete set besides purify illuminant, saving lighting lamps and lanterns of the initial investment. 4. High lighting efficiency: the lights moved to the area of working face of press close to, small power light bulbs, tubes are available, and obtain good lighting effect. 5. Save a space: inside some ark or install inside other furniture 'inside outfit illume', tell from large space, can save a space, make indoor more capacious. 6. Facilitate indoor relocation: when indoor arrangement change position, as long as to move furniture, and the movement of 'inside outfit illume', without having to change the power source line inside the ceiling. 7. Add luster for furniture: furniture interior introduces lamplight, can make furniture emanate charming gloss, especially vitreous furniture is more apparent, but also enriched the indoor light environment effect as a whole. 'Inside outfit illume' is rapidly to form a kind of decorative trendy, its installation method is simple, as long as the power source of indoor anchor to pull on the power cord, pull to the furniture interior, mount switch. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: commercial lighting led lighting lighting decoration building lighting hotel lighting residential lighting
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